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     Having a heart for service is not for the faint, or the self-centered. Natasha Y. Smith is neither and has been a servant of the people from an early age. Having watched the examples of both her parents and grandparents, she strives to bring value to all she encounters in excellence and in truth. Her professional experience reflects her love for people and her reward is always the relationships she develops in the process of simply being real and relatable with everyone she encounters.

     A military child, with roots in New Orleans, Louisiana, Natasha joined the United States Air Force in February 2003 after matriculating through the Accounting Program at Grambling State University. With 18 hours remaining to degree completion, she could not shake the intense feeling to travel. Joining the Air Force allowed her to do that and discover her passion in the process.

After serving 16 honorable years in the best force, she began a part time side hustle as an event and party planner. She established Poised Affairs Events in January 2018 and has not looked back. Poised Affairs specializes in professional events such as business meetings, conferences and product launches where she streamlines the planning process to offer a vision structured, attendee inclusive, time conscious event for her clients.

     From Poised Affairs Events, the blogging voice Professor Poised was born. When asked by her non-sexual life partner (NSLP or best friend) in 2019, to be a contributing blogger for her BAye Hive Blog, she gladly accepted. With her blog contributions, she brings wisdom and knowledge to the BAye Hive Blog, giving readers the real in a P.O.I.S.E.D. way.

     In June 2020, Natasha launched Anomalous Black Women Podcast alongside her NSLP. Currently in their second season, they seek to reach and connect the minds of those who naturally and unapologetically think, speak, act and live their unique lives out loud!

    Most recently, Natasha has gone back to her money roots and established Poised Life Insurance & Legacy Planning Solutions, thus creating the umbrella “All Things Poised.” She has also emerged as a public speaker, and contributing lecturer for Ferris State University’s management and leadership classes. All of this and she still finds time to serve her veteran community as a member of her Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority’s Executive Board.

     Natasha has earned an Associates in Applied Science Electronic Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration-Management from Saint Leo University and currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Dallas.

     In her spare time, she loves anything related to the fine arts and is a creator herself. She also enjoys hiking and teaching herself to play the acoustic guitar. Her life goal is to achieve financial freedom and travel around the world at will. Through all of her adversity, she strives to be a better version of herself day after day. In a world where so many are lost, her daily interactions keep her grounded. A leader by nature, a servant at heart.

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