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About Us!

Poised Affairs was formed in December 2015 under the name Èclat Affairs as a sole proprietorship. Èclat is a French term which means brilliant display or effect, which honored the Creole heritage of the owner. The saying no dream is too big to achieve if you put in the work has long been a core belief. Shopping and hospitality always seemed to bring positive energy flow and that same energy developed a small business. The services offered under this name were personal image consulting, personal shopping and event planning.

In December 2017, Èclat Affairs was renamed Poised Affairs and our services redefined to specifically event planning in nature. The name change was mostly done to eliminate correcting its pronunciation and defining Èclat. Poised accurately describes how this company conducts itself while doing business and in January 2018 the name change became official in the state of Virginia. Even while under pressure, all employees will remain poised in our efforts to ensure a successful event.

In 2020, Poised Affairs Events hit the road settling in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Shortly after, the Covid-19 Pandemic began to change how events took place. During that time, we adjusted, taking our services virtual. With additional creativity and a will to make it happen, Poised Affairs was able to still create memorable events for our clients in a safe socially distanced way via the world wide web. 

2021 has proven to be a year of expansion for our team personally and professionally. We are eager to get back to pre Covid-19 pandemic life with our new found pizazz and additional service offerings. Poised Affairs Events will now operate under the umbrella of "All Things Poised" here in Texas. Our area of focus will be corporate and business professional meetings, conferences, trainings, product and book launches. 

We look forward to working with you to plan your next event!

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